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Exede Satellite Internet Service

Exede Broadband. Do more. Faster!

Now you can watch movies, download music and browse faster than ever before. Introducing Exede Broadband. With download speeds up to 4x faster than the average DSL speed*, Exede will have you browsing at speeds you didn't think possible! Exede Internet is the next generation of satellite broadband and is here today!

Three Exede Packages. All super-fast!

Exede offers Three packages to choose from.

Exede by Viastat offers unsurpassed speed and capabilities. Exede Internet is a brand new broadband platform. Using advanced satellite technology, Exede Broadband now has Internet speeds that are up to 4 times faster than many DSL providers' speeds*.

Exede Satellite Internet service is a great option for customers who are looking for a better alternative for service in their home. Whether you are in an area that has virtually no broadband access available or an area that is only serviced by slower speed DSL services, our new high speed service makes Exede Satellite Internet service the premiere choice!

Expand your online world with Exede

Exede's advanced satellite technology of and our state of the art intelligent ground network allows our customers to do more than ever, including:

  • Stream or download videos and music with less buffering time and faster access
  • Enjoy seamless Voice-over-IP phone capabilities
  • Perform simple browsing with faster loading times and access abilities
  • Read and send emails faster and more efficiently, even those that have multiple attachments

Exede Broadband gives you more options and freedom, and gives you higher speed performance. For high-speed Internet access where you live, order Exede today!

What happens during installation?

After you place your order with one of Exede's sales agents, he or she will aid you in choosing a convenient appointment time to install your equipment. It is important that you make your appointment during a time that you will be able to be home, as installation specialists cannot perform the equipment installation unless you are present. On your installation day, double check your appointment time to ensure that your installation process runs as smoothly and quickly as possible. Once your Exede installation technician arrives, the first thing he will do is decide where to install your Exede mini-dish. This dish is most frequently installed in the roof or side of the home. In some cases, your technician might recommend that the dish is mounted on a pole. Once the mini-dish has been installed, the technician will need to run special cat-v cabling into your home. This cabling is then hooked up to a certified Exede modem, which is designed to provide the highest quality Internet service. Exede's modems are constructed using advanced technology which is specialized for use with Satellite Internet. The modem is then connected to either a wireless network or computer device. Once all of these procedures are completed, the technician will be able to activate your Exede broadband satellite Internet service.

Get Satellite Internet in your home now!

If you are done with slow, unreliable DSL Internet service, it might be time for you to consider installing satellite Internet. With the high speeds of broadband satellite Internet, you can do much more than you ever thought possible. Share photos and other data, email and Facebook with friends and family, pay your bills, shop and even attend online courses, all at much higher satellite speeds! Whatever you choose to do with your Internet service, Exede Satellite Internet by Viasat can give you faster speeds and greater reliability than any other Internet service provider!

Don't Wait. Call 1-877-404-6041 and Order Today!

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*Comparison for exede12 areas only. Comparison is based on published speed of exede12 service and 3.1 Mbps average DSL service as reported by the FCC study of US broadband performance: http://download.broadband.gov/plan/fcc-omnibus-broadband-initiative-%28obi%29-technical-paper-broadband-performance.pdf.
**Non-standard installations may result in additional charge