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Exede Internet is the new, fastest
satellite internet available!

Exede Internet service from ViaSat brings you superior technology powered by the new ViaSat-1 satellite. Exede's satellite broadband has amazing power and speed -- up to four times faster than offered by DSL Internet services.

When you are ready to upgrade your Internet service or switch to satellite, you can get faster Internet speeds and more reliable access. Exede provides coverage to nearly every region that has a clear view of the sky in the continental U.S.

After you order, we'll schedule your certified technician to quickly install your Internet dish and modem. We'll make your installation appointment when it fits your schedule so that you can have access to the Internet as soon as possible.

With Exede internet by ViaSat, you'll get the most reliable and advanced Internet service, far outweighing the competition.

Exede Satellite Broadband Internet is Where You Live

Exede internet

Exede satellite broadband Internet service covers more areas in more locations, with coverage in almost every area of the contiguous United States. In rural areas, satellite Internet service is more accessible, and download speeds don't vary depending on your distance from your provider's signal.

Customize your Exede satellite broadband plan according to your data usage expectations so that you only pay for the bandwidth that you use. Call today to start your service and discover how to improve your life with faster, more reliable Exede Internet service.

With the most advanced technology and equipment, we'll provide you with the best possible high-speed Internet service. Recently, ViaSat launched its newest satellite to make Exede the more advanced than other satellite Internet service providers.

Get your Exede Internet with blazing fast speeds right away by calling us today. Our customer service agents can help you select the best plan for your specific data usage needs.

Don't Wait. Call 1-877-404-6041 and Order Today!

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*Comparison for exede12 areas only. Comparison is based on published speed of exede12 service and 3.1 Mbps average DSL service as reported by the FCC study of US broadband performance: http://download.broadband.gov/plan/fcc-omnibus-broadband-initiative-%28obi%29-technical-paper-broadband-performance.pdf.
**Non-standard installations may result in additional charge