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Exede Satellite Internet is Broadband FAST

Call now to get started quickly with Exede's superior satellite Internet service. Exede Broadband provides every customer on every plan with the same rapid speed abilities. Your plan will depend upon your needs, specifically your data usage. Every plan also comes with a basic set of Google Apps, which includes many tools for creating and sustaining a website.

Exede by ViaSat will give you a whole new outlook on satellite broadband Internet. Exede is ViaSat's newest service, and provides you with the best equipment and Internet speed. On top of that, ViaSat recently launched a new satellite that uses advanced technology to give you high speed and reliability. This means that you will have the highest speed internet and the highest quality streaming and browsing abilities.

To find a selection of Exede's service packages, along with their prices, simply enter your ZIP code. If you still aren't sure which plan would be best for your budget and needs, give us a call at 1-877-404-6041 and we can help you determine within just a few minutes.

Exede Features:

** Advanced technology for web acceleration and ground networking equipment - both of which increase your Internet speed
** The ability to share photos and other content faster than ever before
** The ability to upload and download content with less waiting and loading time
** Faster and more stable video chat and conference capabilities
** Plus, every customer receives 10 FREE email accounts!

Don't Wait. Call 1-877-404-6041 and Order Today!

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*Comparison for exede12 areas only. Comparison is based on published speed of exede12 service and 3.1 Mbps average DSL service as reported by the FCC study of US broadband performance: http://download.broadband.gov/plan/fcc-omnibus-broadband-initiative-%28obi%29-technical-paper-broadband-performance.pdf.
**Non-standard installations may result in additional charge